New publication of the institute associates

Darka Podmenik, PhD, external associate at the IRSA institute and Maruša Gorišek, young researcher, published an article in the journal Research in Social Change titled Is youth unemployment in EU countries structural?


Geopolitical, socio-economic and cultural aspects of Covid-19

The following contribution was written during the research on socio-economic, geopolitical and cultural aspects of the current pandemic.

Why is Eastern (Central) Europe less affected by the pandemic?



Dr. Frane Adam published a new book

Dr. Frane Adam published a new book at the Institute for developmental and strategic analysis, titled

Between meritocracy and populism

On the cacophony of data in the postfactual society

(Second, edited edition)


Workshop on (highly educated) youth unemployment

Institute IRSA organized a workshop titled: Long-term unemplyoment of (higher educated) young people - an indicator of social crisis?

The even was prepared and moderated by dr. Darka Podmenik, external associate of IRSA


IRSA workshop

In the time from November, 28. to November 30, the workshop for the members of program and project gruop at iRSA took place in Ljubljana. The main topic was Globalisation and Meritocracy, with the accent on four cases China, Sweden, Romania and Slovenia, a detailed workshop program can be viewed here.


Management IRSA

Council members:

Vinko Potočnik PhD, Marjeta Volasko, Maruša Gorišek