The first partnership conference of ETHOS project

On Wednesday and Thursday, December 10th and 11th 2014, the first partnership conference of ETHOS project (Exploiting the organisational conflicts in business environment) was held by the coordinating partner IRSA in Ljubljana.


Meeting of the IRSA Institute Program group in Bled

From 27th of November to 28th of November 2014 a meeting of the programe group of Institute for Developmental and Strategic analysis was held in Bled. The subject of the meeting was the political and economic outlook in the EU Member States (especially in Sweden, Slovenia and Poland) and entrepreneurship, with emphasis on the social and academic entrepreneurship. In the context of the meeting were presented last current publications and international projects of the Institute.

Predstavitev crowdsourcing platforme Challenge Academy

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V sredo, 29. 10. 2014, je na IRSA potekala prva delavnica v okviru projekta UC-CROWD, o uporabi crowdsourcing platforme "Challenge Academy".


Sodelovanje na Forumu letnega srečanja Sociološkega društva

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dr. Darka Podmenik je sodelovala v organizaciji in izvedbi Forum letnega srečanja Sociološke društva Slovenije s predstavitvijo rezultatov desetletnega raziskovanja (ne)zaposlenosti mladih diplomantov/diplomantk


CONTEST project sucessfully closed!

CONTEST projec was sucessfully closed on 30. 9. 2014! Looking forward on new "CONFLICT" challenges! Project follow up: oDPRIkonflikt.



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