IRSA is preparing a new proceedings

IRSA is preparing a proceedings about the status and prospects of social entrepreneurship. Expected to be released in mid-May.

Project UC-CROWD now on Facebook

Now you can follow project UC-CROWD on this Facebook page (link).


The UC-CROWD - Universities and Companies Crowdsourcing project presents its work in the 6th NEWSLETTER.

Interview with dr. Darka Podmenik, head of the Slovenian EU project team UC-Crowd

Content network of NGOs for an inclusive information society (Network NGO-VID) in the context of the implementation of its program prepares a 15-minute show on the topic of crowdsourcing. The representative of the NGO-VID did an interview with dr. Darka Podmenik, head of the Slovenian EU project team UC-Crowd at Institute IRSA that is one of european co-authors of crowdsourcing platform Challenge Academy.

The fourth meeting of partners in the project UC-Crowd in Rome

On 4th, 5th, and 6th of March 2015 the Guglielmo Marconi University organized the fourth meeting of partners of the project UC-Crowd in Rome. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange reports and the results of the workshops of crowdsourcing on the internet platform Challenge Academy, which were organized by all partners in January and February. The results were positive, but it will take quite a lot of work to make the platform fully functional. (D. Podmenik, Head of Slovenian team of UC-Crowd)


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